Freeze Warning for Monterey Bay including Santa Cruz County and Monterey County – PROTECT YOUR PLANTS

By Terri Woods, Selling Homes for Sale in Santa Cruz, Aptos, Capitola, Watsonville, Rio Del Mar, La Selva Beach, Pajaro Dunes and North Monterey County on the Monterey Bay, California

It’s beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas. Or at least it will on Wednesday.  The forecast for Santa Cruz County and Monterey County is reporting a FREEZE WARNING.

Santa Cruz

Now is the time to protect your plants.  Below are Frost Protection Tips for Citrus, Avocado and other Sub-Tropical Plants.

protecting from freeze

–Water your plants. I know it seems contradictory, but water actually holds heat better than dry soil, thus protecting the plant.

–Cover your plants. Old bed sheets, plastic sheets, and even cardboard boxes protect plants against the freezing temperatures. Prior to covering, you may want to have a stake to keep the plastic from touching the plants. Secure the covering from wind gusts.  Remove the coverings during the day and allow the sun to raise the temperature of the plant. NOTE: Frost Protection Fabric is available at Home Depot, Orchards or your favorite local nursery.

–Move plants to the garage or patio if possible.

–Cluster plants together for added warmth, possibly next to the house.

–Add extra mulch to the base of the plant. If the plant is too big, wrap the base with a blanket to protect the roots.

–Add lights to help with warmth. Even holiday lights can work. Be careful not to touch the foliage.

Tropical plants are very vulnerable and will need the extra protection.  For more information, download  Frost Protection for Citrus and Other Subtropicals from the University of California or visit your favorite nursery.

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