Are you spending too much to buy a home in Santa Cruz County?

Are you spending too much to buy a home in Santa Cruz County?

by Terri Woods, Selling Homes for Sale in Santa Cruz, Aptos, Capitola, Watsonville, Rio Del Mar, La Selva Beach, Pajaro Dunes and North Monterey County on the Monterey Bay, California

Not too many people can live of life free of debt. Most home buyers will need to get a home mortgage of some sort. But do you know if you are spending too much? 


Let’s do the calculations.

#1 – Add all your monthly bills – car payment, credit cards, child support, alimony, student loans, car loans, cable/internet, rent, utilities… essentially anything that you pay on a monthly basis. 

Write that amount here $______________________

#2 – Add all your sources for monthly income including your salary, normal bonuses, investments.

Write that amount here $______________________

#3 – Divide the amount in #2 by the amount in #1 then multiply by 100.

GOAL (36%) ____________________

For example, if #1 is $2200 monthly bills per month, and #2 is $3600 income per month, take $2200/$3600 = .6111 and then multiply that by 100 which equals 61%.

Your goal is 36% and the lower the better.

If you have a dream of one day owning your own home, give me a call.  

There are many loan programs available along with great resources for budgeting.  If you would like a list of my VIP Preferred FREE Resources, contact me at or click here and request the Budgeting information.

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