Inspect your NEW Home or Else…

Do I need an inspection even if I am buyer new construction?  YES and YES and YES!!!

I encourage agents and buyers to get a home inspection, even when purchasing a brand new home.

The benefit is for everyone.  The builder has access to their contractors and can quickly fix most problems, potentially avoiding problems down the road.  They would much rather do that then try and get sub contractors out later the next year, or deal with things via attorneys.  The buyer has a peace of mind that things are well and won’t have to worry about trying to get things fixed at a later date.

Learning from experience…

Inspectors of new construction found that the hot/cold water lines were switched in a shower.

Inspectors of new construction found that a drain pipe was never cut through on the street, thus allowing water buildup underneath the house that would have never drained. That is always a problem.

Inspectors of new construction found vent pipes in the attic installed incorrectly.

Inspectors of new construction found lots of debris left underneath the house, left by the contractors, which would have been a perfect breeding ground for termites, etc.

And the list goes on and on.

One of the saddest stories was when I represented a buyer, purchasing a home that was just a few years old.  The builder’s warranty had run out.  When my buyer did his inspection, we found that a portion of the home was not tied to the correct support beam, and the repair was to the tune of thousands of dollars.  The city even approved and gave final clearance.  Someone was not “all there” that day.  🙂

Anyways, the seller was dealing with an unexpected tragedy and it was a mess.  I felt so bad for that seller because all of the problems would have been found had they gotten an inspection.  The seller was in no position to work legally to resolve the problem so they took a big loss just to get the home sold.

So buyers, listen to your agent and get that inspection prior to purchasing any home.  And make sure you choose a great inspector.

And sellers, it is a great idea to get an inspection, prior to putting your home on the market as to avoid any potential unknown surprises in the middle of the transaction.

I wish y’all well.


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I help people buy and sell real estate in Oregon and California. I want to be the resource for all your real estate needs. If you have a question or even a comment - please feel free to call, email or even text. I take my customer service seriously. Visit my websites at and
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